In consumer and retail marketing, the right fit is like shopping for and finding
the perfect shirt. You wouldn’t buy a shirt that doesn’t fit your personality
or that has lousy craftsmanship. Same with consumer and retail
marketing, you need a high-quality agency that fits you perfectly.

consumer and retail marketing

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Consumer and Retail Advertising Agency

AdWise Group has a long history of developing effective advertising and promotion for retail and consumer marketers. Since the founding of our advertising agency more than 25 years ago, consumer and retail advertisers have been a constant clientele. Our category expertise means that we are the right fit and a wise choice for marketers looking for effective retail and consumer advertising services.

Most retailers have similar marketing objectives: to build and sustain a strong brand position while attracting customers to buy specific products and services.

enhancing the brand

Successful consumer and retail advertisers build a brand perception that carefully positions their stores (brick and mortar or online) to attract targeted customers. The best consumer and retail brands clearly differentiate among competitors to deliver high customer trial and to sustain a customer base. Our years of experience in retail advertising give us unique abilities to develop comprehensive advertising strategies, budgets, and plans to achieve these objectives.

attracting store traffic

The name of the game is building traffic. We employ the widest possible array of strategies and persuasive tactics to meet this universal retail objective. Because no two retailers have the same challenges and needs, we match the best media mix with the right message to create the strongest results possible. We faithfully maintain brand positions and standards when creating price and item promotions to generate store traffic.

executing media and message strategies

Depending on the target markets of our consumer and retail clients, a wide range of strategies and tactics are applied including newspaper (inserts), TV, outdoor, direct mail, online video, pay-per-click, search marketing, social media, in-store signage, themed promotions, and many more. Message strategies are always a disciplined mix of the retailer’s overall position (value, price, quality, service, etc.) and the key features and benefits of the products advertised.

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