In corporate branding, the right fit is like a cattle baron choosing the right
ranch hand to uniquely brand his cows. You wouldn’t let just any cowboy
design the branding iron. Same with corporate branding, you need
the right expertise to make your brand stand out in a stampede.

corporate branding

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Brand Marketing Agency

When searching for a branding agency, look no further than AdWise Group. We are strategically-focused brand consultants who understand how to develop, enhance, refresh, extend, and manage brands.

By definition a brand is a promise made and a promise kept. But more than that, the promise needs to be rooted in a true, preemptive advantage you have over your competitors. And the promise must be clearly communicated to your target audience to persuade and motivate them to take the action you desire.

When you’re searching for the right fit in a branding agency, we could be the wise choice. Our extensive branding and positioning experience has led us to develop a systematic process for brand development and management.

strategic branding

Developing a brand means defining the character of a company or product – including initial creation of brand names, developing the core essence of the brand, and establishing a brand personality -- then, expressing that character to the desired audiences. The following elements are critical to codify and fully develop an effective corporate branding strategy:

Brand Mantra – What is your brand really all about…why does it exist?

Target Audience – What community of people (demographics, etc.) does your brand
wish to influence and persuade?

Number One Benefit – What is the most compelling benefit your brand has to offer?

Competitors – Which companies or products might customers consider as a substitute
for your brand?

Personality – What is the overall impression you wish to create for your brand in the
mind of your target audience…fun, the expert, reliable, etc.?

Club – What are the common traits and/or expectations among the group of people your brand appeals to?

brand identity development

Corporate identity branding consists of more than just a visual expression throughout your marketing communications. It encompasses a number of facets that make up strategic brand management, including:

Brand Positioning – Expressed through the use of a theme (tag) line.

Message Strategy – Created through the use of a brand story and copy styling.

Logo Graphics – Applied with consistency in all applications (colors, conversion to black
and white, company name/theme line relationship, etc.)

Visual Brand Application – Employed in a never-changing, unified look in typographic styling, color themes, treatment of graphics, and photographic style.

Brand-building strategies

Once a brand marketing strategy is established, adhering to the strategic branding plan is critical to helping the brand evolve into a valuable asset. This means faithfully communicating the brand story in all advertising and promotional messages, ensuring that graphics conform to standards in all marketing materials, and speaking with a consistent brand voice in all public touch points.

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