Case Study - New Advertising Campaign


The Glass Doctor marketing department approached us in early 2013 to discuss a product branding project. After our initial discussion, we agreed this project should start with a market research study, for two important reasons. The first reason was to determine the best messaging to motivate consumers to choose Glass Doctor. We (AdWise Group) could guess, the corporate staff could guess, but why not ask the customers?

The second and equally important reason was to involve the franchisees in the process. By gathering their input starting at the earliest stages, we were able to include their insights and opinions, and by including them through the entire process, we received their buy-in to the results. It happens too often in the franchise world that the home office and the franchisees are not on the same page. The process we used ensured this was not the case.

Glass Doctor

A little background on Glass Doctor – they are the largest glass company in North America that offers glass installation, replacement and repair services to the residential, automotive, and commercial markets. With more than than 275 franchise locations, Glass Doctor is one of The Dwyer Group of companies, a franchise holding corporation supporting more than 1,300 franchisees in the United States and 24 countries.

The Project

Although Glass Doctor’s auto glass products and services have historically been a significant portion of their overall business, their home window repair and replacement is a fast-emerging growth segment. The challenge presented to us was to create a new, comprehensive marketing campaign that positions Glass Doctor as the leader in home glass replacement, while also providing franchisees with sales support material that properly addresses and engages the target audience.

Market Research

In the life cycle of a company there comes a time when a business can’t afford NOT to do market research. This is especially true when developing a new creative campaign that is going to be rolled out nationally. The stakes are too large to just guess. So, with Glass Doctor, we conducted a thorough market research study.

We began the process with a full-day brainstorming session run by AdWise Group and attended by the Glass Doctor marketing team and key franchisees from across North America (including Canada). The purpose of this session was to develop a set of ideas to test. We ended up with hundreds of ideas, which we culled to a smaller list of testable ideas. We then ran a form of conjoint (or tradeoff) online study. The output of this study was 1) a baseline level of interest score and 2) a score for each idea. We then knew how likely a person would be to choose Glass Doctor before being exposed to a message and how likely they would be to choose Glass Doctor after exposure to one or more messages. It’s possible to have a negative idea score, meaning that every time you express that idea you make people less likely to choose you. (Hint - we didn't use any of those!)

The output was a list of the most compelling ideas, words and images that would provoke prospects to engage Glass Doctor to repair or replace faulty windows in their homes. We used the most motivating ideas to develop the creative concepts.

Creative Development

Although the specific findings of the research study are proprietary to our client, we can describe the process. We developed multiple top-level message strategies which we presented to Glass Doctor management and franchisees for input and approval. The final creative executions ranged from collateral pieces to online media to broadcast commercials.


When the final, fully-developed campaign was presented at the annual national convention of Glass Doctor franchisees, it was met with a resounding approval. Franchisee orders of sales and marketing materials through the Glass Doctor AdBuilder website more than doubled when the campaign was made available. Though sales numbers are not public information, the campaign, and the process used to develop it, are considered a strong success throughout the Glass Doctor organization.