Digital Media Buying Case Study


Founded in 1975, Mr. Jim’s Pizza operates a chain of delivery and pick-up restaurants in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Nevada and North Carolina. For many years Mr. Jim’s relied on a traditional media mix, primarily print and broadcast, to build the business.

In 2006, Mr. Jim's began offering online ordering and was the first chain of its size with 100% of its stores providing online ordering to its customers. By 2013, over one million online orders had been processed.

The Goals

The primary goals were to increase total online sales, the percentage of online sales and frequency of purchase. A secondary goal was to increase brand recognition.

The Approach

We recommended to Mr. Jim’s that they reallocate a portion of their media budget from print and broadcast to online and mobile to build a stronger digital and mobile presence. We created search campaigns with geo-targeting, scheduling, bid adjustments and ad extensions targeting highly relevant keywords, tightly themed ad groups and an improved landing page experience to focus on direct response conversions and ROI. Remarketing for search allowed for much greater efficiencies in converting consumers who had already engaged with their website. The Display campaigns drove Reach through volume using the most appropriate of the six core targeting types to achieve the goals of driving brand recognition as well as view-through-conversions.

Mr. Jim’s digital campaigns combined with online analytics tools provide great transparency to analyze key performance indicators such as clicks, conversions, click-through rates and cost per acquisition. Other key benefits include flexibility in budgeting, scheduling, changing creative and ability to continually optimize on many different elements of the campaign.

The Results

Comparing April 2013 (the month prior to the start of the campaign) to June 2014, online sales increased by 45%. The percentage of online sales to total sales grew by 57%. Frequency of purchase increased by 57%.

The total number of new users increased by 27% and the conversion rate for new users increased by 13%. The number of web sessions increased by 38% and the number of page views increased by 41%. These metrics serve to show the increase in brand awareness and engagement with the brand leading to increased conversions.


Mr. Jim’s Pizza is realizing growth through the digital and mobile strategies created and implemented by AdWise Group. The ‘traditional only’ media mix no longer serves the needs of potential customers. Digital marketing is necessary in a constantly connected world where 90% of our media interactions are screen based: Computer/Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone and Television. By combining Television advertising with Digital campaigns, Mr. Jim’s Pizza is on track to continued success in the highly competitive pizza delivery space.