In the media world, the right fit is like choosing the right hunting guide.
You wouldn’t hire a greenhorn to help you track and target big game.
Same with media planning and buying, you need a media guru to target
the right customers to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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Dallas Media Buying Specialists

We have over 30 years experience in strategic and competitive media buying across all forms of media-‘traditional’ Radio, TV, Print, Outdoor and ‘new’ digital online media. While digital media isn’t considered ‘traditional’, it’s certainly not new with the first display ad running 20 years ago (with a 78% click-through rate). We’ve enabled our clients to realize the power of an integrated traditional and digital media strategy. Our media buys have ranged from one market multi-media buys to national and everything in between. We have a local feel but the skill set of a national agency.

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With over 30 years of buying traditional media, we are very well-informed. And, as the media landscape grows increasingly complex by the day, we work hard to stay current on all the methods to target and reach our client’s potential customers wherever and whenever they consume media. After all, that is the primary goal of all advertising. While it’s challenging, it’s also very rewarding to combine the power and reach of ‘traditional’ media with the transparency, accountability and flexibility of digital media.

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The critical first step in providing a strategic and comprehensive media strategy is to fundamentally understand the client’s specific marketing goals and the bottom line. Working with our clients, we profile the target consumer and develop a plan to reach that consumer in the most efficient and effective way with the agreed upon message strategy. We harness the influx of available data to gain insights into our client’s target customer and their journey through the purchase funnel. We are dedicated to developing an effective media strategy, executing the buy and optimizing the plan on an ongoing basis.

media transparency

All media plans are approved by the client before execution. Any changes in the plan are also approved in advance by the client. We have excellent references to share with you.

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