In media, hitting your target is like hunting for game.
The right fit is when you know what you're hunting and what to
hunt it with. You wouldn't hunt quail with an elephant gun,
and you wouldn't try to stop an elephant with a slingshot.

gene dillard

senior management team:  marcus miller  |  nancy hammel  |  gene dillard

Gene Dillard’s creativity and account managing skills have benefited major advertising agencies including McCann Erickson, Tracy-Locke, Dillard-Lavine, BRSG Advertising, and Food for Thought. He is currently president of FoodWise Group, a division of AdWise Group that specializes in food marketing and advertising. In addition to legions of food-related marketers like Borden, Kraft Foods, Sara Lee, Frito Lay, and Schlotzky’s, he has served a range of clients including Exxon, Texas Instruments, Haliburton, Lennox, LSG Sky Chefs, Chase Bank, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Crown Plaza Hotels.

gene’s Answers to Random Questions:

My first job in advertising was – painting greetings on retail display windows

I grew up in – Bartlett, Texas. The playground of Central Texas.

I have a low tolerance for – people who promise but don’t deliver.

My strengths are – ability to see both advertising strategic issues and creative
issues at the same time.

My weaknesses are – weekends and chicken-fried steak in the Hill Country

If I were a superhero my super power would be – super strength.

The last book I read was – Rhino Ranch by Larry McMurtry.

If I could visit anywhere in the world – I would go to Italy.