Glass Doctor Van Wrap Design

Van wraps. You see them everywhere. Especially for service companies, they represent an important form of mobile advertising. But what happens when you know you need an updated van wrap design, but you have lots of opinions on what the best design should be?

That’s the question that Glass Doctor brought to us. For years they’ve used an icon that they refer to as “The Running Man”. This icon has been featured prominently in many forms of advertising, especially the van wraps.

In a major research and creative development that AdWise Group conducted for Glass Doctor, we developed a new icon - “The Specialist”. When it came time to rework the van wraps, the question was presented - should Glass Doctor replace The Running Man with The Specialist?

Glass Doctor arranged to conduct a market research study to compare several designs. AdWise Group created a new van wrap design that highlights The Specialist, which would then be compared with other designs, including some with The Running Man.

Here’s what the old van wrap looked like:

Here’s the new AdWise Group design featuring The Specialist:

Which do you prefer?