In media, hitting your target is like hunting for game.
The right fit is when you know what you're hunting and what to
hunt it with. You wouldn't hunt quail with an elephant gun,
and you wouldn't try to stop an elephant with a slingshot.

marcus miller

senior management team:  marcus miller  |  nancy hammel  |  gene dillard


Marcus Miller is the president of AdWise Group. He is an expert in non-traditional media, including Internet marketing, mobile marketing, and social media. Marcus began his marketing career in pharmaceuticals, working for such companies as Eli Lilly and Elan Corp. He was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the publicly-traded International Isotopes. Marcus received a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas and an MBA from San Diego State University. He is a Google-Certified Professional and a Certified Mobile Marketer.

Marcus’s Answers to Random Questions:

I am deathly afraid of – streakers.

I wish I could better understand – quantum physics. Really, I’ve tried.
That stuff blows my mind.

I grew up in – fear of my older brothers. They were vicious. Ok. Not really. But they would tell on me when I did things I wasn’t supposed to do. Which was often.

My first job was – delivering the Sunday paper. I hated getting up so early but loved the feeling when the papers were all delivered. The cash was pretty nice, too.

I have a low tolerance for – extremists. If we could get rid of the extremists, the rest of us would be much better off. By get rid of, I mean put in a spaceship and send to a beautiful planet.

My pet peeves are – supersaver cards. I remember when grocery stores put things on sale and I didn’t need a card for every danged store.

My favorite possession is – my 1997 Taylor 714-BCE guitar.

Song lyrics I most relate to are – interesting, not trite and don’t have lots of forced rhymes.