AdWise Alliance - Share The Risk

performance-based marketing

Risk/Reward. Much of life is spent balancing risk and reward. If you take a big risk, you expect a big reward. Traditionally, the advertising agency business model has been low risk, low reward, meaning that the client pays 100% for all goods and services and then owns 100% of the resulting efforts. In many cases, this still makes sense. In other cases, however, it can make sense to share both the risk and the reward.

We have always admired the entrepreneur and realize that when it comes to start-up ventures, marketing is sometimes the area least focused on and the most needed. We know that start-up companies need lots of marketing support, yet cash is usually in short supply.

That's why we created the AdWise Alliance program, which helps start-up companies reduce advertising expenditures in the start-up phase. In a typical AdWise Alliance, we don't charge for some or all of our services in exchange for participation in the success of the new company.

Performance-based advertising isn’t for everyone and it’s not right for every situation. But if this type of model interests you, then let’s talk.