Chris Markey

"Hi, I'm Chris Markey, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product at ACE Cash Express. We've worked with AdWise Group for over 10 years now. We started with the development of our logo, which is still in use today. We do a lot radio advertising with them and we use them as our main partner when it comes to delivering our message about our products and the different promotions that we have across our network. They've taken the time to not only to get to know us but also the products we offer. It's rather complicated and our partnership with AdWise Group has allowed us to build a better brand and to execute on all of our initiatives with a lot of ease. We put them under tremendous pressure when it comes to timelines and quick changes and they always come through for us. If you're looking for a partner that not only meets your needs but will add to your business I would recommend that you call AdWise Group to see what they can do for you."