Melanie Few

"Hi, I'm Melanie Few, Director of Marketing at ACE Cash Express. I've been working with AdWise Group since I've been with ACE for the past seven or eight years. We've done a lot of really great things together - radio, TV, Out of Home - they're one of our trusted and valued resources for feedback and creative production. They really have come to know our customers and our products. It's really easy to work with them anytime we have to get something done. Generally, we do a lot things at the last minute, on the fly and they are really a trusted source for us to go back to again and again on short time lines. Although I know they're busy, they always work with us to get things accomplished and it really makes my job a lot easier. They are so accessible I feel like they're almost an extension of our internal resources. As far as partners you could have to work with, I can't think of anybody better than AdWise Group. They're always there for us when we need to get things done and it always helps us be more efficient and productive."