Joe Hooper

"I really appreciated that Marcus asked if he could come out to our office today, Compound Stock Earnings in downtown Fort Worth, to give a testimonial to how we've benefited by our relationship over the past twelve to fifteen years. They've helped expand our company's growth through our media advertising and our radio shows. We broadcast the show in five major markets across the country. We record the show every Wednesday and that draws in lots of clients. AdWise Group has always been real creative. We have difficult business to promote because we're not a business where people can walk by and come in the door. We an Internet-oriented financial education business and you use different routes to find your clients. AdWise Group has always been creative in doing that. We appreciate him, we appreciate his team. One big improvement - we used to have to go to the AdWise Group office in Dallas to the show every Wednesday. We don't do that anymore. We have our own station here in our office that he set up for us. If anybody ever wants to get a direct recommendation, give me a call at CSE, Compound Stock Earnings, in Fort Worth."