Jim and Kaye

Jim - "We had spent a number of years putting together some of the best materials in the field to help people with a life of prayer, that's really what we're all about. We realized, not unusually, that the vehicle for help people know what those materials are what they would do is our website. We had a website, it was a pretty good website, but it didn't really do an effective job of presenting who we are and what we have available to help people. AdWise Group brought the solution to us. We realized that if we do a video that allows people to understand better what we have to offer, how to use it, how many pieces there are, how to find them, that was really the solution to the problem of communicating effectively what we have to offer. So, the star of our show was Kaye, she did the videos and AdWise Group put them together in such a way that our website became an effective communication tool in a way that it had not been before."

Kaye - "From my point of view I'll tell you that Gene and Marcus were so easy to work with. They took an amateur and helped me to be a professional presenter. They gave me good coaching and did wonderful editing of the videos and they made it a seamless experience. They're pleasant, they're professional and they know what they're doing."

Jim - "Bottom line is that AdWise Group really made the difference in making our website effective and showing or products to the best advantage, to show people how to get them and how to use them. We recommend AdWise Group highly."