Website Launch - AdWise Alliance

We are proud to announce the launch of the new website for our client VMD Technologies, Inc. (VMDT). VMDT is a member our AdWise Alliance program, in which we provide branding, advertising and marketing services for no charge in exchange for a "piece of the action". This is a unique program to support start-up companies.

Another example of the AdWise Alliance is our partnership with; we created all their branding, developed their website and provide extensive media buying and advertising support. They didn't pay for our services up front, but rather we (AdWise Group) receive money for every roof built. This is a classic pay-for-performance structure.

And so it is with VMDT and their amazing and potentially game-changing encryption technology, TranSure. VMDT founder Jon Parson and his senior team approached us in 2012. VMDT needed branding and marketing services but was "pre funding", so they joined the AdWise Alliance. Over the past year, we developed their brand and supported fund raising and marketing efforts.

When it became apparent that their initial website was not adequate, we created the new site to tell their story. And what a story it is.

TranSure provides next-generation security powered by patented multi-dimensional mathematics. TranSure possesses the unique ability to permanently embed multi-key information into any digital file. TranSure encrypts each digital file with multiple unique keys, meaning no single key unlocks all data files or transactions. Read-only key access is provided to parties if required.

The website was designed to tell the general TranSure story and to describe the technology in the context of some of the key marketplaces, including Electronic Medical Records, Digital Signing, Electronic Payments, Cloud Storage, Banking/Finance and Media/Software Protection.

TranSure is an exciting, innovative encryption product that has the potential of improving the security of all digital transactions and records. We are proud to be VMDT's partner in this venture.