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Examples of Advertising

We specialize in helping grow your business by connecting to prospects in ways that are the most meaningful to them. We do this through marketing strategies, message strategies and creative executions that attract, motivate and, ultimately, persuade customers and prospects to take action.

Good advertising comes from the right fit between a client and an agency. To maintain the right fit in day-to-day activities, we codify all key goals, objectives, target audiences, claims, features, benefits, etc. into a single document that both agency and client approve. Our creative directors, copywriters, art directors and producers are then free to develop ideas and concepts within those parameters.

It may be a cliché, but the best advertising is advertising that works. Here we present examples of advertising that has worked well for our clients.


Our print advertising examples span the spectrum of print media, including newspapers, magazines, FSIs, direct mail, and outdoor. Click to view examples.


By definition, collateral is marketing material that exists in support of a marketing program. Examples or our collateral include point-of-sale, brochures, sales sheets, posters, trade show graphics, and flyers. Click to view examples.


Successful corporate branding encompasses a wide range of brand expressions – from positioning to brand story to graphic styling. While branding has many facets, logos are the most visible expression. Click to view examples.


Interactive advertising includes website design, email blasts, online videos, rich media ads and online banner ads. Click to view examples.


Our broadcast examples represent both television and radio productions. Many of these are produced in our in-house facilities. All are produced from scripts developed by the agency and directed by agency producers. Click to view examples.

Social Media

social media
Social media examples are harder to demonstrate because so much of the effort involves real-time updates (eg. Twitter posts.) Still, we present here some creative executions we developed to support our social media efforts. Click to view examples.